CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Christabel Ekeh—the Untold Story of a Beautiful Young Actress Suffering from Within

By Lorlornyofm July 15, 2017 23:52

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Christabel Ekeh—the Untold Story of a Beautiful Young Actress Suffering from Within

In 2012 when Christabel Ekeh was only known as one of the numerous beautiful young ladies who had failed to win the Miss Malaika crown, she made contact with me—seeking a viable way to grab a lot of attention for her new career, as an actress.

Instantly, we clicked. She was an interesting individual, focused but somewhat erratic.

Our first conversation was deeply interesting, albeit one-way. I was amazed by her ideas and therefore listened in as she went on and on about what she wanted for herself and her ultimate desire to combine acting with modelling effectively so that she could sit with the industry’s upper echelon.

She had a lot of interesting ideas which I later came to realize as our friendship grew that they got dumped just as quick as they came in.

After we established the direction best suited for Ms Ekeh, GhanaCelebrities.Com started a campaign to push her down the throat of readers—a publicity campaign that worked brilliantly.

Soon, Miss Nobody, the girl who had failed at her attempt to be crowned a queen became the most talked about Ghanaian actress on the internet, despite having just a few movie credits to her name.

Christabel Ekeh, taken at my hotel room

Christabel made countless headlines and at one point, readers of GhanaCelebrities.Com even started saying I was having an affair with her. It was repeated by several commenters to the extent that my then girlfriend who was an ardent reader even asked me about it.

By nature, Christabel Ekeh is the kind that can best be described as wild. This contributed greatly to the success of her attention grabbing campaign. She served our readers with unending provocative photos—attracting headlines such as: “Bum in the Air—Christabel Ekeh At It Again.”

Christabel Ekeh

Just as Christabel Ekeh’s popularity grew, so did our friendship.

In 2013, I met her for the first time in Ghana and from about 9pm to 2am, we sat by the pool of my hotel, somewhere in East Legon, drinking and having lengthy conversations about almost everything. We talked about Religion, Entertainment, Politics and even Sex.

Our first meeting seemed like a follow-up; it was as if we were just continuing an interesting conversation we had abruptly ended in our previous lives.

During my stay in Ghana, Christabel was a regular at my hotel—so much so that the receptionists later stopped calling me when she got to the front desk. They would just tell her, I am in and she would walk up the stairs to my room’s door.

We agreed on a lot of things but disagreed on a very important element of our friendship—something I wouldn’t want to discuss in this article.

Christabel Ekeh, a photo I took of her at my hotel

But she was a great friend and the more we spent time together, the more the online campaign for her worked. I knew what got people talking and carved this juicily for the blogosphere dwellers.

I wouldn’t normally be behind the camera myself to take photos of any client but she was more than a client and therefore she managed to get me to take certain interesting bikini photos of her.

We even recorded a series of video interviews—which, unfortunately, we only published one, I mean the one she spoke about what turns her on (below).

Christabel was not just physically beautiful, the days I spent with her revealed that she had a lot of inner beauty too. But she was like most girls of her age. She had her personal issues–ranging from issues with her then boyfriend to having “dropped” out of university with pending modules to complete if she wanted to graduate.

More importantly, she was fragile and at a point, I worried that she wouldn’t be able to handle the fame or attention we were seeking for her. But I was wrong, she did perfectly well with the fame she quickly gathered.

On the back of her talent and the unending conversations about her online, she scored several key roles in Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s Peep, Potomanto, Love or Something Like This, V-Republic and other huge productions in Ghana and Nigeria.

A star was created and her name was Christabel Ekeh.

Behind the scenes, my friendship with Christabel Ekeh continued. We didn’t get to speak frequently as we wanted since we were all busy but occasionally, we would do that long late night call, from about 12 mid night to 4am—talking about almost everything in an attempt to catch up.

From one of such late night conversations, I picked up on some sort of instability, from the way she presented her arguments. She had always been coherent but this time, her arguments did not make any sense when pinned together. There was no head or tail to a lot of the things she said.

The following day, I called her and offered her an opportunity to talk about this new her—but in a general sense, and that gave birth to “Christabel Diaries” on GhanaCelebrities.Com.

Suddenly, Christabel, the celebrity who loved attention didn’t seem to care anymore about the razzmatazz of showbiz anymore. She was on a path to living life on her own terms and seeking to find value in the little things.

During that week, I had a Facebook live conversation with her; all in an attempt to let her know that irrespective of what she was going through which she had subtly mentioned but not in the way it has manifested itself recently, she still had a good friend.

The following week or so, I even spoke to her mother and as usual joked about the fact that I will soon ask my family to come for the bride list, for our over due marriage. Her mother was super lovely.

During this period, Christabel’s car dealer boyfriend who elevated her industry status by “allowing” her to use an expensive hummer with a personalised plate had left her. And he had taken his car back.

Christabel Ekeh and her hummer

I wouldn’t say this cause the change in Christabel’s direction and worldview, but it surely contributed to the change. The new Christabel was attractive but it was not for real.

Christabel then disappeared for a while and when she made contact again, she said she was in Nigeria—doing a bit of work.

That conversation and the others we had after were brief but she was still not herself. And I believe her mother was aware, as she was suddenly more around anytime I spoke to Christabel.

And then came the shocking gossip which if it was not because Christabel was a friend, it would have been a GC EXCLUSIVE came, it confirmed my suspicion.

A popular Ghanaian actress who was aware of my friendship with Christabel asked me to speak to her—because she believed something was wrong with my friend.

She had met Christabel a few days prior to coming to me and her behaviour was weird. This was about 6 months ago. I was busy—I had exams coming up and I was getting ready to marry.

I, therefore, placed a few calls to Christabel and when I could not reach her, I allowed it to slide. And then, another person threw Christabel’s issue at me again—this time, she was acting weird on social media. She was changing her Instagram name frequently than normal and was uploading videos which a stable Christabel wouldn’t upload.

I never asked for Christabel’s mother’s number—after all, she was not my friend so there was no way to reach her mother. But I knew she worked with a young Ghanaian blogger, called GhKwaku who served as her sort of publicist. I reached out to him in an attempt to ascertain what was actually happening.

In March 2017, I sent GhKwaku a message on Facebook, asking about what was going with Christabel and he reluctantly replied: “Eermm hmmm…Her mum claims she’s fine..she told us christabel traveled but I noticed she was in ghana recently but been seeing some posts on instagram I think she’s in Benin now. Dunno what she’s doing there maybe she’s with her dad n she doesn’t have any call line too that’s the problem. Sometimes her old numbers go through but no one picks up. I’m very worried too hmm.”

From my last late night conversation with Christabel, what I had heard and my chat with this guy, it became obvious that something was deeply wrong—and her mother was perhaps trying to handle it under the radar.

In fact, I was later told that instead of a hospital, Christabel had been taken to a certain church for prayers—the usual African nonsense.

And then earlier this week, the whole nation was flooded with n*ked photos of Ekeh, followed by an interview which should tell every reasonable person that, Christabel is not stable and she needs help.

Of course, she says she is fit—the dirty deranged man at circle will even tell you he’s fit if asked the same ridiculous question; Are you okay?

Christabel is that beautiful actress who made several interesting headlines but behind them all, she was an ordinary young lady with her own battles which she was fighting within.

And this could be one of them which she will overcome but obviously, it’s not being well handled by those closest to her. Those who have granted her access to a phone and the internet need to take these things away from her–RIGHT NOW.


By Lorlornyofm July 15, 2017 23:52
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