Do you make time for your lover?

By Lorlornyofm May 24, 2017 05:26

Do you make time for your lover?

Our maker who is love made us in His image and also as social beings. He, therefore, puts something in us that makes us love and be loved as we make time for our lovers.

Love, among others, improves how you feel about yourself and, therefore, improves the quality of life.

A simple way to demonstrate love is the companionship you share with your lover. An Akan axiom says “wiase yetena no baanu, baanu” which literally means, in this world we live in pairs.

Importance of companionship

According to the Good Book, two are better than one because they have good reward for their labour. One may fail but two can defend themselves. Two can fight their battles better than one.

Studies also show companionship gives self-image, security and peace of mind which are essential for human growth and development, especially in times of difficulties.

Time together with your lover promotes bonding. You have the chance to express your concerns, hopes, fears and aspirations. You understand each other better and this enhances intimacy and romance.

Companionship helps you to set boundaries and makes it harder for intruders to get in and destroy your relationship.

It also reduces infidelity and immorality. Companionship, therefore, enhances good relationship.

Parents must also appreciate that children thrive on companionship. The best way children learn is not what you say but what you do. The companionship parents share becomes important virtues for their children to adopt.

The home atmosphere must, therefore, be characterised by the companionship couples share.

The problems of men and women

A man is self-focused. He is born to give his all to work. A man, therefore, measures himself by what he accomplishes at work. The more he focuses on his work, the more his relationship suffers.

If his woman complains, he thinks he makes her unhappy. He thinks he must stay away even longer and work harder to bring bigger things home to support the family.

A woman, however, does not need more money but more companionship. She is focused and always yearns for moments to share her life with her lover for as long as it can possibly last, even if it means just sitting and talking.

Without companionship, a woman feels lonely and may develop mental and physical problems.

Building good companionship

The important thing is to find time for relation. Never be too busy for it. Plan your day so that you can have life after work. Draw a good balance by making your relationship or marriage a topmost priority and the foundation in your life.

Be physically and mentally present at home. Share activities you enjoy. Share a drink or a meal as you share your thoughts, plans, fun, mutual discussions and work experience.

Go out often. A walk, film show, visit friends and relatives. Join a social activity in your community or church. Find ways of spending time together and cherish every moment together. Be great friends who meet each other’s need.

What a man needs most are respect, attractive lover and good domestic care. What a woman needs most are affection, commitment and financial security.

Do you make time for your lover?

Companionship is the state of being with your lover. Since it is the catalyst for healthy relationship, partners must constantly make the best of the moments they share otherwise they grow apart and put their relationship at risk.

Men must appreciate that no amount of professional success can compensate for loss of a companion. If you lose the spark of your relationship, success at work would not count.

Studies have shown that lovers who make time for their relationship have higher work performance and improved personal skills which improve relationships. Partners who are stressed also have improved state of mind by being with their lovers.

You must, therefore, focus on your relationship and lay a strong foundation for it because it improves your work output; it then becomes easier to balance your energy for other activities.

Always remember that a good lover is first of all a good companion.


By Lorlornyofm May 24, 2017 05:26
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