Limping pastor caught in sex tape

By Lorlornyofm August 3, 2017 16:32

Limping pastor caught in sex tape

There is mad rush for new sex tapes that has popped up in a town called Awutu Breku in the Central region.

The video features a popular man of God in the area in a sexual bout with his female clients including married women.

The incident is reported to have sparked confusion as married men rush to grab copies of the video to ascertain if their wives are victims.

Kwaku Omega Jacob, the limping pastor, whose conduct is reported to have shocked the residents, including his wife and elders of the local church, is seen in action having sexual intercourse with different ladies in sep­arate video footages.

The sex video footages are currently making the rounds at Awutu Breku and on social media, thereby attracting wide patronage.

Some residents who spoke to Adom News’ Kofi Adjei after watching the video suspect the pastor popularly called ‘Akwala Nyame’ leaked the video.


They claimed the supposed man of God secretly recorded the women to sell it to a pornographic website.

“It’s a silly act, the church must be burnt into ashes. I see people going there every day for prayers not knowing it’s all been happening on his bed. He limps but in the video I see he is very skillful. How can a pastor act pornography…?” one livid resident opined.

Listen to some residents running commentary on the issue

But wife of the pastor, Maame Yaa though shocked at the conduct of her husband suspects foul play.

She is convinced a pastor in the church jealous of her husband leaked the video after he [Akwala Nyame] failed to settle a ransom that was demanded.

“I know my husband very well; I think it is one of the pastors who did that. My husband was looking for his for phone. The video leaked when the person swapped the phone. You can’t be with another pastor and seek his downfall. We have to arrest the person who stole the phone. It’s a bad thing to do…”

Listen to the worried wife

Pastor Kwaku Omega Jacob is currently on the run as the police at Awutu Breku and the youth of the town have launched a manhunt for him.

Kofi Adjei who has been following the story said the town is now allegedly dubbed “Pono Town” because residents are busily running commentary after watching the alleged sex tape of the pastor.

Due to the graphic content of the videos we are unable to immediately publish them.

By Lorlornyofm August 3, 2017 16:32