Opinion on relevance of Valentine’s Day split

By Lorlornyofm February 14, 2020 04:19

Opinion on relevance of Valentine’s Day split

As Ghanaians prepare to join the world to mark this year’s Valentine’s Day, on Friday, not everybody sees the occasion as a special day.

Some media houses, hotels, churches and event organisers have scheduled different programmes to make it count for celebrants.

However, a straw poll conducted by the Ghana News Agency among a section of the public in Accra, revealed that not everyone is looking forward to a celebration.

For those in the mood, they seek to share and receive greetings, chocolates, cards, toffees, perfumes, teddy bears, lingerie and other stuff they consider romantic.

Patronising entertainment events and dining out also form part of the Valentine’s Day treat in Ghana.  

The mood is usually accentuated with an ambience of red and pink heart-shaped trappings and love songs.  

Mrs. Bernice Agyemang, a hairdresser, expressed her excitement about the celebration and encouraged the public to exhibit love to one another because it was a day of love.

How she views Valentine’s Day is shared by many, who say, showing love is a positive action that makes the world a better place so it must be encouraged.

Mr. Kofi Arthur, a banker said, though he had showed by his everyday actions that he loved his wife of three years, he would still give her a treat on Friday to meet her expectations.

“I have to continue the tradition, which we started during our courtship otherwise she may think I don’t cherish her anymore. It doesn’t hurt anyone, in fact, it spices our love.”

However, critics of the celebration say it is either a case of ‘much ado about nothing’ or an abuse of the Day to promote promiscuity.

Madam Judith Bortei Agyiri, an evangelist, said though she did not have anything against the celebrants, she deemed the Celebration unnecessary.

She said the youth rather took advantage of the day to engage in immoral acts – unprotected sex, drunkenness, fornication and the likes, adding, “some of the men are just in to grab any damsel that comes their way to satisfy their sexual desires.

“Val’s Day, I think, should be a day for showing kindness, love to street children, family and for church hangouts, as that is the real motive for the Day and not for the youth to put up bizarre sexual behaviors”.

Miss Olivia Armah, a student, said she did not understand the exact motive behind the celebration but was just moved by the fun associated with it.

“But, I am not expecting any gift from anyone and I don’t plan to give anyone a gift.

“This Friday will just be an ordinary day for me; I will just go home after school to help my mother with house chores”, she added.

Saint Valentine Day, or the Feast of Saint Valentine, originated as a Western Christian Feast Day for honouring Saint Valentinus, believed to have secretly married lovers against the order of the Emperor in his day.

The day is recognised as a significant cultural, religious and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love in many religions around the world.

It is mostly characterised by the wearing of red clothes by celebrants.

In Ghana, the Day is also designated as the National Chocolate Day, purposely for eating of chocolate made in Ghana as part of efforts to promote made in Ghana goods.

The Ghana Tourism Authority promotes the Day.


By Lorlornyofm February 14, 2020 04:19
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