Sex video or God’s work

By Lorlornyofm May 11, 2017 12:30

Sex video or God’s work

I walked desperately to his office on a Monday morning. I had just lost my job and I needed to hook onto something. He is the director of the organization’s fund support unit and that’s where anyone who needs help with scholarship for especially academic project goes to and so it was not unusual for me to visit his office.

He was a middle-aged man and unmarried. I had just applied for my masters in a reputable institution when my company lost huge sums of money and so had to close down. I obviously could not take a loan to sponsor my school knowing there was not going to be any monthly flow in terms of funds.

At a glance, he smiled and said, “beautiful ladies like you get to me only when you need support huh?! Anyways, I’m glad to assist you”. I sighed in relief. I know that I’ve always had a godly calling on me and would not do anything untoward.

After the meeting, he told me he would get in touch with his other colleagues and get back to me on a Wednesday so we could see the way forward. I gladly accepted that proposal and went home. “Huh. At least, I can get this sorted out and get a part time job whilst I study to sustain myself”.

On Wednesday at exactly 9:15 am, he called me. “Hey, it seems there’s some good news for you”. My guys have agreed to fully sponsor your course. Come over on Friday at 10am”. “Thank you”! I had a big smile on my face. “Oh God, is this that simple? Wow!”. I had the best sleep in weeks. Haha. Friday came and I stepped out in glamour. It was a great time. But there was a challenge, the organization was only paying for the tuition and nothing else.

I needed about six thousand dollars for the transport, accommodation and my upkeep and I didn’t even have a quarter of that. This scholarship meant I had to leave where I was, the outskirts of the country to the city which obviously is more expensive. However, I did not worry because I knew God would provide.

Apparently I was among six others who had been selected. I was told there was going to be dinner at a five star Hotel in the city. It was also my last day in the city; I rented a hostel for two weeks whilst I pursued my scholarship and the little money on me was really running out fast.

At the dinner, we had fun-chats, laughter and a little bit alcohol. I was so excited I forgot myself. The coordinator of the programme, the man I’ve been dealing with all along had a call and stepped out. I had to use the washroom almost about the same time. As I returned, I met him halfway. To be honest, I was drunk for the first time in my life.

“Congratulations” he said and gave me a peck. “ Hey, I’m spending the night here tonight. Let’s go see my room”. “Eerrrm. Ok. I hope we’ll not be long”. He smiled and took my hand. We went into the room; a very cozy room.

I sat on the seat far from the bed and asked whether he knew how I could fix my issue with money for transportation…as in whether there was another offer from his company or any other institution. He said he could help me personally and with the assistance of a few of his friends.

He moved closer to me and whispered something into my right ear. Before I could say Jack, we were kissing and the rest is history. To state on record, that was certainly not God coming in here.

Of course, he gave the money and I finished my course and even got a better job. It’s been three years. I got married and God ministered to me that I needed to help my husband with his ministry.

Obviously, being married to a minister means you’ve got an assignment too. A week ago, exactly on Thursday, this man sent me two pictures of the encounter we had. He tells me he hates everything about ministry work and that he heard I’m married to a minister and that I’m about beginning my own ministry. He said “Sex video or Ministry”. “You’re not fit for whatever ministry you call. How are you going to even advice the single young ones in their times of difficulty?” He told me.

Can you imagine? He’s blackmailing me. Of course I sinned and I’ve cried over and again about it-believing God has forgiven me..yes. I sinned against my soul and body. I’m so torn apart now. How do I tell my husband? What I do? I cannot say I cannot start the Ministry God wants me to because a man is blackmailing me. Help!

But whilst I seek help, I know that we all make mistakes. However, do not compromise on your faith or values because you find yourself in a fix. In my case, I did not plan it but probably I could have resisted it or even seen the evil ahead and not moved in. I went on in fantasy and now I’m paying for it. You may not see your future clearly, but it’s always better to take precautions and save your future the headaches than to fall in unnecessary traps.


Source: Ghana|Beatrice Adu

By Lorlornyofm May 11, 2017 12:30
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