Volta Region gets first TV station

By Lorlornyofm June 19, 2017 12:20

Volta Region gets first TV station

The people of the Volta Region, can now have a bragging right to a home-based television station, located at the heart and capital of the region, Ho.

Volta 1 TV, the first private station, according to owners, was strategically positioned in that part of the country because; despite it rich culture, heritage, resources and potentials, they are yet to be harnessed for the development of the region and country at large.

The establishment of the television station is, therefore going to help facilitate fast development of the region, improve skills development, promotion of the tourism potentials, and employment for especially young people and contribute in reducing the level of poverty among the people.

At a three-day orientation programme to train, prepare and equip recruits for the station last Friday in Accra, a former Minister of Transport, Dzifa Aku Attivor, said the orientation programme, was designed to equip the recruits with the requisite skills they would need to give off their best.

The television station, empowered by Broadcom Satellite Network, is already on test transmission covering the entire Africa and beyond.

Aside broadcasting in English Language, there will be well tailored programmes that will be transmitting in the local Ewe dialect.

The former Minister, who is a director of the station said, the region is endowed with many great potentials and resources, which will have to be showcase to the rest of the world for development.

The former minister encouraged the new staff to pay critical attention to all that will be taught so that they can exhibit professionalism, skills and the quality required of them.

A consultant and Chief Executive Officer of V 1 TV, Dr. Kuuku Biney said, the station was poised for action and nothing less than quality information; entertainment, education, will be delivered to viewers.

Contrary to some view that television stations, were becoming too many in the country, he disagreed saying, “We don’t think we have a lot of TV stations, I think we have a lot of people playing TV, that is the best way to put it. If you are serious about TV station, then am sure I will count them on my fingers.

He decried the level of content on television these days as below standard, saying that was why Volta 1 TV, has been brought in to deliver what is missing.

“Today everybody takes a laptop and download any content from YouTube and put it on a play out thing and say I have a TV station. That gives me the room to come in and do what a real TV is. Our programmes will differentiate on the market what real TV is”.

He agreed with the position that the region was an intelligent hub that drives Ghana, explaining “We have discovered talents, abilities, gifts, and we are poised to develop them and deploy them rightly, that is what is behind V 1 TV”.

Additionally, making sure what God has blessed the land with, the global space is aware of it, to bring in some kind of revenue to develop the region”. Dr. Biney said “television is to tell a vision”.

It is to produce wholesome content. The vision must add value to the lives of the people, the people must be able to accept it and run with it. If you see tomatoes ripped in an area and you need tomatoes will you discard it?

There is the need for the talent in that area to be discovered. Founder of and Director of Redelgy Limited and a director at Broadcom, Rocky Wilson, who spoke to the recruits on teamwork and leadership said, it was important the workers equipped and learned on their own aside the training that was being offered by the organization.

Mr. Wilson said, it was regrettable to invest in an organization then “Workers will run it down”. He encouraged them to work together and show leadership, when they are placed at leadership positions. V 1 TV is a sister station of Global FM, also located in Ho in the Volta Region.

Source: theheraldghana.com

By Lorlornyofm June 19, 2017 12:20
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  1. De.Broadcasta June 20, 09:55

    At last we have a bragging right too. Thank be to the almighty who made it happen. I think this is just a stepping stone, there are more things to come from Volta….

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