We will not be part of any region without Hohoe – People of Akpafu

By Lorlornyofm February 10, 2018 09:56

We will not be part of any region without Hohoe – People of Akpafu

The Nifahene of Akpafu Traditional AreaNana Aputu I says his traditional area will not be part of any region which will not have Hohoe municipality as part of it.

According to him, Akpafu traditional area was a founding member of the Hohoe municipality and, therefore, its people desire to remain attached to it.

“On the present state of affairs concerning the creation of a new region out of the Volta Region, we wish to state that it is still our utmost desire not to be part of any region whereby we shall be carved out of the Hohoe Municipal Assembly which we helped found. On the other hand, we will willingly join any region which will include the Hohoe municipality in its entirety as an integral part of that region. Our position on this is non-negotiable,” he said.

In a statement presented on his behalf during a meeting with the Paramount Chief of Gbi Traditional AreaTogbega Gabusu VINana Aputu, said the Akapfu Traditional Area was not party to the proposal for the creation of a new region, a journey he said commenced with a petition dated February 3, 1992.

He said the petition which was addressed to the then Chairman of the Provisional National Defense Council (PNDC)Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings, was signed by ten paramount chiefs  who did so on behalf of the chiefs and people within the area of the proposed region.

The Paramount Chiefs, he said included KrachiwuraBenjamsoheneOmanhene of TapaWoraworaheneOmanhene of Likpe and Omanhene of Santrokofi traditional areas.

Nana Aputu said the Akpafu traditional area realizing its area was included in the proposed region per the proposed map attached to the petition reacted on the 28th of April, 1992 with a petition to Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings, stating the area was not opposed to the creation of the region, but its land and people will not be part of it.

The Paramount Chief of Gbi Traditional AreaTogbega Gabusu VI applauded the chiefs and people of Akapafu Traditional Area for the move, adding the Gbis and Akpafus have been allies for a long time.

He said the argument by a section of the public that the Volta Region is not the largest in terms of size and, therefore, should not be divided does not hold weight because its length poses  a challenge administratively.

Calling on residents to vote in favour of the creation of the new region when the referendum is held, he proposed the two regions if created should be named Volta North and South instead of the proposed name Oti.

Togbega Gabusu said no area should be carved out of the Hohoe municipality proposing the 25 districts of the region should be divided 13-12 among the two regions.

He noted that a challenge which the creation of the region is facing is the Western Togoland agenda which he strongly believes will not stand.


He said contrary to media reports, none of the  nine traditional areas within the Hohoe municipality owes allegiance to each other.

Story by Geoffrey Gah-Mensah

By Lorlornyofm February 10, 2018 09:56
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  1. Wilson February 10, 11:30

    Brilliant talk Togbega Gabusu
    Good work done

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  2. Mighty Angel from ADABRAKA HOHOE February 24, 21:06

    I cannot believe that there are 9 tradition areas in the Hohoe Municipal. My question is, are developmental projects divided fairly among these traditional areas? All we have seen over the years is everything being packed in the Gbi Traditional Area. God help our home land Ghana and make us great and strong.

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