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Why do people cheat? Relationship expert reveals warning signs your partner has strayed

By Lorlornyofm August 14, 2017 21:23

Why do people cheat? Relationship expert reveals warning signs your partner has strayed

A woman writes a sign to her ex boyfriend after finding out he is cheating on her

Cheating is one of the biggest problems faced by any relationship.

Though it can be extremely painful for all those involved, the situation isn’t often black and white, according to one relationship specialist.

Perth’s Millionaire Matchmaker, Louanne Ward, has offered her expert advice on what makes people cheat, and how to spot if your partner is cheating on you.

Ms Ward claims there is not just one type of cheater, rather there are three broad categories the behaviour falls into.

She told FEMAIL: “There are several different types of cheaters and infidelity comes in different ways, shapes and forms. The most common of these I’ve narrowed to three types of cheaters and the tell-tale signs can vary slightly.”

These three categories include the Accidental Cheater, the Serial Cheater and the Once Off Cheater.

A Porsche was destroyed by a scorned lover

If you’re ever going to sympathise with a cheater, it’s the accidental one.

This type has “convinced themselves and anyone else that knows that this is a very tough situation”.

Ms Ward added: “They will start by talking about a new person at work, at golf or tennis club etc. and you won’t think too much about it until it starts to almost become awkward.”

At this point it’s safe to assume nothing has happened, but once it does, your partner will likely stop talking about this person altogether.

They’re also more likely to stay back at work late, have more events to attend, have to travel more, be more expressive with their body language whilst on the phone and have a decreased appetite for sex.

They might also ramp up their social media usage and start acting suspiciously around their various profiles.

This could also result in your partner asking for some “time alone” or saying they are not happy in the relationship.

The Once Off Cheater is when you partner cheats in a momentary lapse of judgement, before feeling immense guilt in the aftermath.

Ms Ward said: “They may just have a momentary lapse of judgement during an innocent break from the routine like a boy’s/girl’s trip, weekend away or business trip.

“They will tell you they love you but the lip service doesn’t turn into the full after sales service.”

An angry husband takes revenge on a house

You might get more affirmations of love but not feel their actions match this, or you might receive unexpected gifts as your partner attempts to assuage their guilt.

Daydreaming and distant behaviour are also signs of a Once Off cheater.

A man repents for his cheating ways

The Serial Cheater is the most dangerous type of cheat.

Ms Ward said: “If a cheater gets away with cheating, the thrill of this can become exciting. Which is why, ‘Once Off Cheaters’ often become serial offenders. So, it’s very important to look for the telltale signs.

“Getting away with the crime gives them the power fix they desire as typically they have a narcissistic personality.”

This type of cheater can be much harder to detect as they have mastered the art of deception.

A newspaper article was written about the cheater

They might say their ex was insecure and jealous, or go out of their way to tell you they have friends of the opposite sex.

They often get defensive if you ask about their night out, or will call you out for being insecure if you question them on anything.

Ms Ward said: “You almost feel guilty as if you have wrongly accused them. However, as the weeks and months go on and more signs emerge you find yourself on eggshells.”

This week it was revealed cat owners are more likely to cheat on their husbands or wives.


By Lorlornyofm August 14, 2017 21:23
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